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FarmingIT are the distributors for Sentek Sensor Technologies product range in South Western Victoria.

EnviroSCAN, is a complete and stand-alone soil water monitoring solution.

Suitable for a wide range of applications the EnviroSCAN is a well established and proven solution for commercial and research markets world wide. The EnviroSCAN system comprises multi-sensor capacitance probes connected to a customized data logging facility.

The data captured by this system is displayed in Sentek’s user friendly and powerful IrriMAX 6 software. The EnviroSCAN sensor technology utilizes Frequency Domain Reflectometry (FDR) to measure soil water.

EnviroSCAN Probe

Multiple sensors with flexible depth placement (every 10cm interval)
Can monitor from shallow depths (0cm – 10cm) to deep installations (up to 30 metres)
Length of EnviroSCAN probe can be customised to suit a wide range of applications
Up to 16 sensors per probe
In-built probe orientation and depth settings to increase sensor repeatability

Access Tube

Customised access tube increases sensor accuracy
Sensors have no direct contact with the soil
Specially sealed to guarantee long term operation
No preferential path flow of water alongside the probe body
Probe and sensors are readily accessible and serviceable without destroying the site
Easily change sensor configuration
Minimised soil and root disturbance
Data continuity after probe service
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