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The View software provides an excellent starting point for reading and writing job data to popular precision farming devices


The free software can read data from a wide range of precision farming devices in order to display and print yield maps, as-applied maps, coverage maps, and more.  Other features of View include the ability to build a list of clients, farms, and field names.  Once the list is customized to your needs, it can then be written to a wide range of precision farming devices for data management. 

The View software can easily be upgraded to the Farm Works® office solutions without losing any previously entered data.  When View is upgraded to the Farm Works office solutions, new and exciting features will be added to your software for:

Displaying Google™ Maps

Importing other layers such as soil types and soil test results

Utilizing layer transparency tool for displaying multiple layers at one time

Creating variable rate prescription maps

Printing extensive chemical, seed, equipment, and other field reports

Viewing profit maps

Integrating financial records to print enterprise statements on fields, livestock groups, and equipment


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