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Mobile Platform Software


Trimble Ag Mobile App  (iOS and Android)


Trimble Ag Mobile drives productivity, profitability and sustainability for farmers and agribusinesses around the world.

It’s a revolution in online and mobile-enabled farm data management that is transforming the way ag professionals work.

Our app allows you to turn the supercomputer you carry around in your pocket into the most powerful farm management tool you have ever used!

Key features of Trimble Ag Mobile include:

 * Detailed field records

 * Crop scouting

 * Mapping

 * Grid sampling

 * Re-entry alerts

 * Fleet management and vehicle tracking

 * Bins and storage tracking

 * Grain contracts management

 * Crop inputs & supplies inventory


Farm Works Mobile - for Windows tablet PCs


Farm Works™ Mobile software allows you to collect crop scouting and soil sampling information from the field and sync with your desktop software program so that critical decisions can be made about your farming operation. Farm Works Mobile is designed for both farmers and service providers and installs on any field computer with Windows Mobile®, Windows® XP or higher.

Simple User Interface

•Seamless data transfer to Farmer Basic desktop software using USB connection

•Supports familiar and easy to use client/farm/ field user interface

•Automatic field finder when using GPS

•Utilize large buttons on the screen for easy selection

•Import/export your data in shapefile format to work with other software solutions


•GPS Receiver outputting NMEA data (optional for field record keeping)

•Mobile computer installed with Microsoft® Windows Mobile®, Windows® XP or higher.

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